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Welcome to our Healthy Aging NC Resource Center series of webinars.

Title:  Community Evidence-Based Programs in Falls Prevention and Chronic Disease Management: Moving from Screening to Intervening
Description:  Healthy Aging NC presentation to the NC Physical Therapy Association Special Interest Group on Falls Prevention.
Part I and Part II – Presenters: Healthy Aging NC – Jeanne Dairaghi, MA and Ellen Bailey, MA, MPH
Part III – Presenter: Martha Zimmerman, PT, MA
Powerpoints:      HANC Webinar Part I      HANC Webinar Part II
CEU opportunities for PT/PTAs and Ideas for referrals to EBFPPs – Part III


Title:   Falls Prevention Awareness Day/Week Resources for NC, September 2018
Description:   Ellen Schneider presentation to NC Falls Prevention Coalition on NCOA Falls Prevention Awareness Day and Week resources available for North Carolina.


Title:  Updated Falls Prevention Data Forms for 2018-19
Presenters:  Nicolle Miller & Janice Self, NC Center for Health and Wellness
Description:  Healthy Aging NC has updated the data forms for A Matter of Balance and Tai Chi for Arthritis in North Carolina. This video provides information on where to find the forms and how to collect and submit them.


Title: “Road to Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) Accreditation: Our Path, Successes and Challenges” and “Achieving Medicare Reimbursement to Sustain CDSME Programs: A Road Worth Traveling”.
Presenter: Laura Plunkett, Piedmont Triad Area Agency on Aging. Annette Demeny, Centralina Area Agency on Aging.
Powerpoints: Road to DSMES Accreditation   and   Achieving Medicare Reimbursement for CDSME Programs



Title: Presenting on Data as Storytelling at the National Council on Aging’s Annual Conference on Healthy Aging in Washington DC
Presenter: Nicolle Miller, Director of State and Community Collaborations, NCCHW


Title: North Carolina was invited to present at the National Council on Aging’s Annual Conference on Healthy Aging in Washington DC
Presenters:  Jeanne Dairaghi, NCCHW; Stephanie Stewart, Land of Sky AAA; with input from Angel Stoy, Centralina AAA


Title: Chronic Pain: How it impacts the body through arthritis, how it affects mental health, and how it relates to opioid use and abuse in North Carolina
Presenters:  Cindy Berrier, RN, Arthritis Services; Ann Newman, PhD, UNC Charlotte; and Heather Carter, Adult Day Care/Day Health Specialist, NC Division of Aging and Adult Services
Please note:  the recording begins at 4:25 and lasts until 1:15:32


Title:  The Healthy Aging NC Website: How to post your workshop and fill out CDSME paperwork
Presenter:  Jeanne Dairaghi, Project Manager, Chronic Disease Self Management Education Resource Center, NC Center for Health & Wellness
Objectives:  a) Explore the website for resources and program information; b) learn how to post your Living Healthy CDSME workshops to the website, c) Review steps for filling out the 3 required CDSME forms   Webinar Script CDSME Paperwork


Title:  Evidence-Based Health Promotion (EBHP) Programming (Title III-D)
Presenter: Jen Teague, Healthy Aging Specialist, NC Division of Aging and Adults Services:
Objectives: Learn more about Title III-D funding in NC, examples of evidence-based health promotion (EBHP) programming, benefits of EBHP programming, introduction to the Healthy Aging NC Resource Center, steps on how to implement EBHP programming, requirements following a completed workshop, and plans for the future.  DAAS PowerPoint


Title:   Introduction to the “Living Healthy” Chronic Disease Self Management Component of the Healthy Aging NC Resource Center
Presenter:   Jeanne Dairaghi, Project Manager, Chronic Disease Self Management Program of the NC Center for Health and Wellness
Objectives:   Learn more about the Healthy Aging NC Resource Center of the NC Center for Health and Wellness, the Living Healthy Chronic Disease Self Management Education component, and the services and resources of the Healthy Aging NC Resource Center as they relate to chronic disease and healthy aging.  CDSME PowerPoint


Title: Healthy Aging: A Resource Center for North Carolina Evidence-Based Programs
Presenter: Nicolle Miller, Director of State and Community Collaboration
Objectives: An overview of our work, the programs we support, and our website.