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Children and Seniors to Learn Together at New Nonprofit Durham, NC Preschool

Why would someone have children and seniors learning from each other at this Reggio-inspired child care center? It just makes good sense!

Owner and creator Krissy Snyder describes: “Young children and older adults were simply made for each other! When young children have ongoing relationships with older adults, it gives them an opportunity to be part of an extended family (especially when biological families may be far away). They gain insight into our history and traditions and learn respect for those different from themselves. Older adults embrace the opportunity to serve as mentors and role models as they share their unique skills and talents. Additionally, when seniors have encounters with children, they report higher levels of overall wellness —more physical activity, increased learning stimulation and emotional stability. Our short-term goal is to partner with senior adults in the community who will “adopt” us. They will be screened, oriented and matched to a spectrum of intergenerational activities (sending birthday cards, baking, doing art, producing puppet shows, planting, reading books, etc.).”