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Falls Prevention Programs

A one-page document listing all our evidence-based falls prevention programs can be found here .

A Matter of Balance

A Matter of Balance is an eight session group program that uses a variety of activities to address factors affecting fear of falling and to teach fall prevention strategies. The activities include group discussion, problem-solving, skill building, assertiveness training, videotapes, sharing practical solutions and exercise training. Each of the sessions is two hours in length, including a break for light refreshments.

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Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention

Developed by Dr. Paul Lam at the Tai Chi for Health Institute (TCHI), the program utilizes Tai Chi’s Sun style for its ability to improve relaxation, balance and its ease of use. The movements are taught to both left and right sides and with turns to move forward and backward to improve mobility and offer a variety of combinations.

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YMCA: Moving for Better Balance

Moving For Better Balance is a 12-week fall prevention program that is proven to reach fall prevention benefits once participants reach 50 hours of practice. Led by a Moving for Better Balance trained instructor, this program focuses on improving mental and physical ability to reduce fall-related risks and fall frequency.

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The Otago Exercise Program

Because this program is delivered by a licensed physical therapist, it is only available via certain clinicians within North Carolina. For further information, or to find an Otago Physical Therapist near you, please visit UNC Exercise Program .