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Healthy Aging NC and Healthcare Providers

Healthy Aging NC works to provide support, resources, and assistance to healthcare providers who are interested in keeping patients healthy and engaged. Healthy Aging NC has a large database of information that can be printed or given to healthcare providers/patients to increase awareness and physical activity. Through the Healthy Aging NC website, Health Care Providers can find and refer patients to programs directly.

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A lot of Healthcare providers report that they ask their patients questions about physical activity but often feel as though they have no resources/information to give the patient based on their answers.  Exercise is Medicine(EIM) is an initiative of the American College of Sports Medicine to make physical activity assessment and promotion a standard in clinical care. Prescribing physical activity (PA) in the right “dosage” is a highly effective prescription for preventing, treating, and managing more than 40 of the most common chronic health conditions encountered in clinical practice. EIM encourages health care providers, particularly those in primary care, to assess and record PA as a vital sign during patient visits and to conclude each visit with an exercise “prescription” and/or referral to a certified health fitness professional or allied health professional for further counseling and support. EIM Framework offers providers a way to properly assess physical activity, code & bill for that, as well as referring the patient to community programs that are proven to help. 

HealthyAgingNC aims to assist and support healthcare providers with the implementation of EIM into their clinics/workflows. If you are interested in learning more about Exercise is Medicine to better assess, bill, and refer patients please contact Amber Chapman

Follow the links below to learn more:

Exercise is Medicine Website

Health Care Providers’ Action Guide

EIM Summary Sheet (with assessment questions)

Summer Exercise is Medicine Task Force Call Registration

At all levels of health care, EIM can be integrated and implemented to achieve the ultimate goal of making Physical Activity promotion a standard in health care. HealthyAgingNC utilizes the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Exercise is Medicine framework to improve and enhance physical activity assessments, counseling, and referrals. Our team works with clinical partners to incorporate two standard questions, referred to as, The Physical Activity Vital Sign in their patient assessment to then refer, counsel, and prescribe exercise. Explore the resources below or contact Amber Chapman, for more information about PAVS Assessing the current physical activity levels of your patients can be quickly achieved using the Physical Activity Vital Sign (PAVS). The PAVS consists of just two questions, plus an optional strength training question. These can be added to a health history form or incorporated into the EHR, filled out and scored prior to the provider exam and consultation. 


Physical Activity Vital Sign (PAVS) Sheet

Physical Activity Assessment, Prescription & Counseling Coding & Billing Tips

Contact Amber Chapman, to learn more.

Join the Exercise is Medicine Task Force!

The EIM Task Force is dedicated to fostering collaboration among clinicians, health and wellness providers/coaches, and community-based resources, all with the shared goal of cultivating a healthier more active community.

Healthy Aging NC works with regional Area Agencies on Aging, independent health coaches, and has a network of healthy living professionals that you could refer your patient to. Below is more information about the different resources/supports you can refer your patient to. 


Healthy Aging NC Programs/Supports

Health & wellness coaches partner with clients looking to enhance their well-being through self-directed lasting changes, aligned with their values. HealthyAgingNC works with a network of certified health coaches in NC who offer individual sessions. Health coaches complete a National Board of Health and Wellness Coach Training Program which instructs coaches on how to display unconditional positive regard for their clients and a belief in their ability to change, honoring the fact that each client is an expert on their own life while ensuring that all interactions are respectful and non-judgmental. Health coaches are an incredible resource for a patient who is not quite ready to join an exercise class, routine, or program. 

The Healthy Aging NC Health Coach Network (HCN) facilitates connections between health coaches, individuals, community partners, and healthcare entities. We aim to enhance access to health coaches, offering support through referrals, networking, technical assistance, and a case management system. Health coaches who join the Network recieve free access to case management systems, professional development, networking, and support. Explore the links below or contact Amber Chapman,

Healthy Aging NC Health Coach Network

National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches (NBHWC)

Healthie Case Management Systems (landing page)

Refer a Patient 

Healthy Aging NC collaborates closely with Area Agencies on Aging to offer evidence-based programs throughout North Carolina. These programs include Chronic Disease Self-Management Programs that cater to adults suffering from chronic illness or pain, as well as Walk With Ease, an evidence-based program that aims to increase activity, reduce arthritis symptoms, and improve overall health. These programs are free of cost and are open to any adult in North Carolina, regardless of their diagnosis. Additionally, there are evidence-based fall prevention programs such as Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention, and A Matter of Balance. These programs specifically focus on balance and fall prevention and are available at no cost to adults aged 55+ or those who have balance concerns. To support Caregivers and individuals seeking social connection there are offerings of Powerful Tools for Caregivers and other social connection programs. 

Healthy Aging NC’s Evidence Based Programs

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Follow the links below to find patient education handouts/resources for healthy living, fall prevention, Arthrtitis Management and more! 

Standing Strong Website- Patient focused website that has information about fall prevention and ways to stay safe. 

Exercise is Medicine Rx

Community Based Programs near you!

National Council on Aging Resources

Program Guide Handout

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Providers can use the referral form to refer to health coaching services, community based physical activity programs, socialization projects, and overall healthy living resources through the referral portal, NCCare 360,, or submit the contact us form on our site