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Program Forms

Virtual Delivery Forms

Fillable Surveys and Support Forms for Online Course Delivery. Please visit our Program Provider Resources and Covid-19 pages to find support material for delivering these programs online safely, and with fidelity.

Guidance for managing fillable online surveys —

Download and share the one-pager Using Fillable Portable Document Files for Survey Data Collection.

Online A Matter of Balance

Participant Agreement ParQ Fillable

AMOB Program Info Cover Sheet Fillable

AMOB Attendance Log – Fillable with Totals

AMOB First Session Survey Fillable

AMOB Last Session Survey Fillable

Online Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention

TCA/FP Registration Form Fillable

TCA/FP Participant Agreement Par-Q Fillable

TCA/FP Program Info Cover Sheet Fillable

TCA/FP Attendance Log – Fillable with Totals

TCA/FP First Session Survey Fillable

TCA/FP Last Session Survey Fillable

Online CDSME Toolkit Forms

CDSME Cover Sheet Fillable Fields

CDSME Attendance Log Fillable Fields

CDSME Participant Pre-Survey Fillable Fields

CDSME Participant Post-Survey Fillable Fields 


Reports generated from data collection are valuable for everyone —  participants, community sites, funders and policymakers. These reports are helping the evidence-based movement not only locally in your own communities, but nationally.

Updated paperwork for Living Healthy with CDSME workshops

The Administration for Community Living and the Office of Management and Budget have updated the Chronic Disease Self-Management Education (CDSME) program forms. Please take ~4 minutes to review the updates and tips on how to fill them out. These forms are now required of all CDSME programs.

CDSME Forms Instruction Webinar

The following forms are required for all CDSME workshops (Program Information Cover Sheet, Attendance Log, and Participant Information Survey):

Program Information Cover Sheet  (updated January 2020)
CDSME Attendance Log (updated January 2020)
Participant Information Survey and Last Program Session Form  (updated January 2020)

Tipsheet for Collecting Data

(New Translations Coming in 2020)
Spanish CDSME Participant Info Survey
Spanish Program Info Cover Sheet
Spanish CDSME Attendance Log

Walk with Ease Paperwork

OsteoArthritis Action Alliance (OAAA) Walk With Ease Data Collection Packet

WWE Participant Information Form  (updated 1/15/2019)

WWE Attendance Log  (updated January 2020)

 WWE Participant Post Program Form   (updated 1/15/2019)

Fidelity Evaluation Checklist

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A Matter of Balance Data Collection Forms

AMOB First Session Survey A Matter of Balance Logo

AMOB Last Session Survey

AMOB Class Info Sheet

AMOB Attendance Sheet w/TUG

Participant Agreement and Par Q

Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention Data Collection Forms

Tai Chi First Session Survey

Tai Chi Last Session Survey

Tai Chi Class Info Cover Sheet

Tai Chi Attendance Sheet w/TUG

Participant Agreement and Par Q