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Falls Prevention Resources

Timed Up and Go (TUG) Training Video


 A message from NCOA that lists resources and materials for Falls Prevention Awareness Week, September 23-27, 2019


Falls Prevention Programs in North Carolina: Frequently Asked Questions

Click above for answers to some common questions about Fall Prevention Programs we support at Healthy Aging NC.


Healthy Aging NC Community Based Falls Prevention Programs

This resource will guide people to the program that is a best fit for an individual.


NC Special Emphasis Report: Fall Injuries among Older Adults

This report shares facts and statistics about unintentional falls among older adults in North Carolina from 2005-2014.


Continuum of Care Toolkit for Fall Prevention Programs

Our continuum of care toolkit is for those seeking guidance on where to begin implementing fall prevention strategies into your life. It can also serve as guidance on which fall prevention program is right for you. Clinical providers and program leaders can also use this as a guide for referrals to programs.


Falls Prevention Information for Older Adults, Caregivers and Families

This information packet is a detailed guide for preventing falls that anyone can use. Home safety, medication management, exercises for fall prevention, and what to do after a fall are all included.


Guide for Talking to Your Doctor About Fall Concerns

Use this handy infographic for support when approaching your doctor about your balance and fall risk concerns. You are your own best health advocate and know your body and experience better than anyone else! You can also find supportive resources by visiting the National Council on Aging’s(NCOA) page on fall prevention.


STEADI (Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths & Injuries)

CDC’s Injury Center created the STEADI Tool Kit for health care providers who see older adults in their practice who are at risk of falling or who may have fallen in the past. The STEADI Tool Kit gives health care providers the information and tools they need to assess and address their older patients’ fall risk.


NCOA’s Fall Prevention Programs video

The National Council on Aging created this video as an overview of several evidence based programs offered nation wide. The video team visited Hendersonville and Asheville to take footage of programs in action. Click to see North Carolina community members featured!


CDC Fall Prevention Page

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention compiled this page of resources for older adults and clinical providers. Check out this link for more!


World Health Organization Fact Sheet on the burden of fall injury worldwide

Falls are the second leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide! Don’t be another statistic, find a fall prevention program near you.