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Walk With Ease


Walk With Ease was developed by experts at the Arthritis Foundation and the Osteoarthritis Action Alliance to provide tools and techniques to build and maintain a successful walking program.

Watch the Walk with Ease Class Zero Video from The Osteoarthritis Action Alliance

Walk With Ease is for people who…

  • Want to reduce the pain and discomfort of arthritis and/or joint pain
  • Desire to increase balance, strength and walking pace
  • Would like to build confidence in the ability to be physically active
  • Want to improve overall health

The Walk With Ease program:

  • Meets 3 times per week for about an hour for 6 weeks
  • Led by 1-2 trained program providers
  • Sessions consist of a “lecturette topic” lasting about 5-10 minutes, warm up, stretching, walking, cool down, and stretching.
  • There is also a program option that encourages walking on one’s own and/or once weekly group walking sessions, with support through on-line and email resources.
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