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Welcome to our Healthy Aging NC Resource Center series of webinars.

Title:  Community Evidence-Based Programs in Falls Prevention and Chronic Disease Management: Moving from Screening to Intervening
Description:  Healthy Aging NC presentation to the NC Physical Therapy Association Special Interest Group on Falls Prevention.
Part I and Part II – Presenters: Healthy Aging NC – Jeanne Dairaghi, MA and Ellen Bailey, MA, MPH
Part III – Presenter: Martha Zimmerman, PT, MA
Powerpoints:      HANC Webinar Part I      HANC Webinar Part II
CEU opportunities for PT/PTAs and Ideas for referrals to EBFPPs – Part III


Title:   Falls Prevention Awareness Day/Week Resources for NC, September 2018
Description:   Ellen Schneider presentation to NC Falls Prevention Coalition on NCOA Falls Prevention Awareness Day and Week resources available for North Carolina.


Title: “Road to Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) Accreditation: Our Path, Successes and Challenges” and “Achieving Medicare Reimbursement to Sustain CDSME Programs: A Road Worth Traveling”.
Presenter: Laura Plunkett, Piedmont Triad Area Agency on Aging. Annette Demeny, Centralina Area Agency on Aging.
Powerpoints: Road to DSMES Accreditation   and   Achieving Medicare Reimbursement for CDSME Programs



Title: Presenting on Data as Storytelling at the National Council on Aging’s Annual Conference on Healthy Aging in Washington DC
Presenter: Nicolle Miller, Director of State and Community Collaborations, NCCHW


Title: North Carolina was invited to present at the National Council on Aging’s Annual Conference on Healthy Aging in Washington DC
Presenters:  Jeanne Dairaghi, NCCHW; Stephanie Stewart, Land of Sky AAA; with input from Angel Stoy, Centralina AAA


Title: Chronic Pain: How it impacts the body through arthritis, how it affects mental health, and how it relates to opioid use and abuse in North Carolina
Presenters:  Cindy Berrier, RN, Arthritis Services; Ann Newman, PhD, UNC Charlotte; and Heather Carter, Adult Day Care/Day Health Specialist, NC Division of Aging and Adult Services
Please note:  the recording begins at 4:25 and lasts until 1:15:32