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Welcome to our Healthy Aging NC Resource Center series of webinars.

Title:  Community Evidence-Based Programs in Falls Prevention and Chronic Disease Management: Moving from Screening to Intervening
Description:  Healthy Aging NC presentation to the NC Physical Therapy Association Special Interest Group on Falls Prevention.
Part I and Part II – Presenters: Healthy Aging NC – Jeanne Dairaghi, MA and Ellen Bailey, MA, MPH
Part III – Presenter: Martha Zimmerman, PT, MA
Powerpoints:      HANC Webinar Part I      HANC Webinar Part II
CEU opportunities for PT/PTAs and Ideas for referrals to EBFPPs – Part III


Title: “Road to Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support (DSMES) Accreditation: Our Path, Successes and Challenges” and “Achieving Medicare Reimbursement to Sustain CDSME Programs: A Road Worth Traveling”.
Presenter: Laura Plunkett, Piedmont Triad Area Agency on Aging. Annette Demeny, Centralina Area Agency on Aging.
Powerpoints: Road to DSMES Accreditation   and   Achieving Medicare Reimbursement for CDSME Programs



Title: Presenting on Data as Storytelling at the National Council on Aging’s Annual Conference on Healthy Aging in Washington DC
Presenter: Nicolle Miller, Director of State and Community Collaborations, NCCHW


Title: North Carolina was invited to present at the National Council on Aging’s Annual Conference on Healthy Aging in Washington DC
Presenters:  Jeanne Dairaghi, NCCHW; Stephanie Stewart, Land of Sky AAA; with input from Angel Stoy, Centralina AAA



NCOA’s Fall Prevention Programs video

The National Council on Aging created this video as an overview of several evidence based programs offered nation wide. The video team visited Hendersonville and Asheville to take footage of programs in action. Click to see North Carolina community members featured!