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Health Coaching

Health Coaching  

What do Health Coaches do?

Health and wellness coaches collaborate with clients seeking to improve their well-being through self-directed, enduring transformations that resonate with their personal values. Throughout their practice, these coaches demonstrate unwavering positive regard for their clients and maintain a steadfast belief in their capacity for change. They acknowledge that each client is the ultimate authority on their own life, ensuring all interactions are characterized by respect and non-judgment.

Health coaches operate across various environments. Some collaborate within healthcare teams alongside physicians and other allied health professionals, contributing to an integrated approach to client care. Others engage in digital health initiatives, community-based programs, or entrepreneurial endeavors.

How can Health Coaches help patients/clients?

Health and wellness coaches assist clients in harnessing their internal strengths and external resources to establish sustainable and healthy lifestyle changes. Employing a client-centered approach, coaches empower clients to set their own goals, engage in self-discovery or active learning processes, and self-monitor behaviors to enhance accountability, all within the framework of a supportive relationship with their coach.

No matter the objective, clients receive unwavering support from certified coaches until they achieve their desired outcomes. With unconditional positive regard for each client, our coaches are trained to the highest standards in the profession, equipped with the skills and knowledge to accompany you on your journey toward optimal health and well-being.

How are Health Coaches Certified?

Health Coaches are required to complete the 75 hour training program that is approved by the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches.

Once the training program is completed, the health coach receives their NBC-HWC credential. The coach is then eligible to pursue a National Board Certification administered by the NBC-HWC. 

Health Coach Network

The Healthy Aging NC Health Coach Network (HCN) facilitates connections between health coaches, individuals, community partners, and healthcare entities. We aim to enhance access to health coaches, offering support through referrals, networking, technical assistance, and a case management system. Health coaches who join the Network recieve free access to case management systems, professional development, networking, and support. Explore the links below or contact Amber Chapman,


Why Join the Healthy Aging NC Health Coach Network?

  • Receive referrals from top healthcare providers in North Carolina!
  • Enjoy free access to the Healthie Case Management Database for seamless client management!
  • Expand your professional network and connect with a vibrant community of Health Coaches and healthcare providers across NC!
  • Fulfill the requirements to earn your National Board Certification, enhancing billing and partnership capabilities with healthcare providers!


  • Successfully enrolled in or completed a 75-hour approved health and wellness training program to obtain an NBC-HWC credential and/or possess a current NBC-HWC credential.
  • Reside and work in North Carolina, focusing on providing services to North Carolinian residents.

Join the Healthy Aging NC Health Coach Network

The Healthy Aging NC Health Coach Network (HCN) facilitates connections between health coaches, individuals, community partners, and healthcare entities.

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Health Coach Network Resources

Exercise is Medicine Resources for Health Coaches

Healthy Aging NC encourages and supports health coaches with the implementation of the Exercise is Medicine Model of Physical Activity & Vital Signs into their workflows. Below are resources to assist health coaches in implementing this into their work flow. If there are additional materials needed/desired by you or your clients, contact


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