An initiative of The N.C. Center for Health & Wellness at UNC Asheville | Statement of Compassion & Inclusion

Social Bridging

This program is for people who

are currently experiencing social isolation or loneliness, are in need of technical assistance, are in search of resources in their community, or would benefit from regular social interaction over the phone.

This program is

a collaboration between (UNCA, North Carolina Center for Health and Wellness, and Healthy Aging NC). Our main goal is to help alleviate various difficulties that accompany social isolation. This includes social wellness check-in calls to isolated members of the North Carolina community and providing technical assistance to those who may want to be more connected.

Our volunteers make wellness-check in calls with the goal of understanding the individual needs of each community member they speak with. NCCHW then acts as a bridge between community members and the resources they need to be more comfortable at home. We have successfully helped numerous people with computer, tablet, or cell phone troubleshooting, and have connected people to video chat programs and/or social media. We can also connect community members with a number of resources such as transportation services and meal deliveries. Most importantly, we are here to talk to you, listen to you, and connect you with your community in whatever way you may need.

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